Mike Jones. (sarahm012) wrote,
Mike Jones.

Current State of the Union

4th in physics class!
this wonderful boy!
and my amazing friends!
finished my outline!
so many good grades!
not failing any classes!
goo goo dolls!

rough draft.
weird rap laura made me download for her.
cold, still.
work tomorrow.

okay so, if people couldnt figure out,
yesterday sucked ass. big time
i had to work, which i was late for so i was yelled at.
even though my mom forgot to tell me i had work.
and i had to study for my history test and it was horrible
and i didnt get to sleep until after 12. again.
and everything was just going to downhill and i was being bitchy to everyone.
but whatever. today is a new day!

and a much better day.
i didnt have to finish my history test today cause rojee loves me and said i don't have to stay after school and I can just finish it tomorrow.
i got a ton of good grades in physics. it was awesome.
umm me and alex finished first on this worksheet so we got 10 extra points on the test thursday.
and i finished my outline for english.
and I dont know, today was just good. =]
and me and my family decorated the xmas tree.
and me and julia took lots of pictures cause shes so cute.
and we played trust fall for atleast, a half hour.

and sarah boland is picking me up friday from school-hizzle cause she got her license today! OMGOMGOMG YAYYY! I havnt seen her in 39874983274 years. =] =] =]
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