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I suck ass at updating.
i have like 32948723984 pictures i want to post
but i'm too lazy.

today was funn.
for nicoles bee-day, we got picked up in a limo
cause we fucking rule.
and went to chilis.
me and laura ditched shauna in the bathroom and i guess she yelled at some lady thinking it was us.
we are funny kids.
it was a good time.

umm so i just want christmas now.
and vacationn.
and friday.
and tomorrow laura is sleeping over.
and wednesday im getting my hairz cut.
and tuesday i'm getting my nailz done
if i want to. but that means i'll have to hang out with my cousin.
ehhh, maybe not.

saturday night i went to mattys with laura and it was awesome♥
then i slept over lauras and dan and jon stopped by at like, 12 that night.
it was awkward cause me and dan hadnt talked since tuesday.
and it's always awkward cause i'll see him in the halls and i dont know if i should smile or just not make eyecontact.
i don't make eyecontact cause i'm a loser and afraid he won't smile back or something.
but yea so whatever. one of the side affects.
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