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christmas eve + christmas were very nice.
ex-mas eve i went to my cousins in springfield.
and me and chris talked a lot this time, which is good cause we didn't last time.
i love my little cousins too, they are tres tres cute.
and this year me and christine could play yankee swap cause we're big bad highschoolers.
it was really funny and a good time cause all the adults were drunk.
but me lyndsay and chris are underage. so we were sober.

christmas i was woken up at 8.
i was like "nahhhhhhhhhh full of doubt"
so i went to sleep and woke up at 8.30 cause my sisters kept screaming
i got good gifts:

-$115 to the mall
-$50 to barnes and nobles!
-$20 to american eagle
-eminem-curtain call/from first to last-dear diary.. cdz =]
-monty python/little nicky♥
-dove/godiva chocolate
-and other good stuff =]

this was the year for ipods. EVERYONE got one. sweeeet.
so yea we went to my g-rents house for lunch/dinner
then lauras house for desert i think?
and then i went back home and dan stopped by for like, 5 minutes to say hi =].
and i stayed up until like, 2 loading songs onto my ipod.

today i woke up at ten. oh how i ADORE sleeping in.
and i had like 3289473982 plans but they all get effed up.
so from 1-5.30..i slept. it was soo good.
i had like 39287 dreams though and one of them was really scary.
laura is sleeping over i think. saweeet. we might go out, we don't know.
but we're going to watch team america i think =].
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